independent corrosion consultants

Lithgow Associates is a co-operative group of specialised corrosion control consultants who provide professional advice and technical support to a wide range of clients.

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Specialised Corrosion Consultants

Lithgow Associates are acknowledged leaders in corrosion control management and this expertise is complemented, where required, by highly qualified specialists from other fields.

Our clients include oil, gas and petrochemical industries, shipbuilders, marine operators, fabrication yards, power generators, river and water authorities, manufacturing companies, rail operators, councils and government bodies and the legal and insurance professions.

A key strength is our ability to adapt and lead in a rapidly changing and technically demanding market. This professional flexibility is a cornerstone of Lithgow Associates overall capability.

Key Corrosion Control Services

arbitration and litigation

Arbitration and Litigation

Lithgow Associates provide a valuable support service to the legal and insurance professions by assisting in arbitration and in disputes. Learn more

coating failure

Coating Failure

Lithgow Associates has considerable experience in the investigation of paint failures on a variety of structures, including bridges and pipelines. Learn more

education and training

Education and Training

We offer a broad range of training courses from Corrosion Awareness for Defence Forces to Corrosion Prevention in Bulk Tank Storage. Learn more

project management inspection

Project Management Inspection

The consultancy offers a comprehensive project management service – and a tailored professional training facility to many sectors of industry. Learn more

overseas representation

Overseas Representation

We provide an overseas service to a number of countries that include Bahrain, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Kuwait and the USA. Learn more

lithgow associates marine failure investigation service


Lithgow Associates Marine Failure Investigation Service. Boiler Failure Investigations, Marine Engine Failures, Ship Tank Failures … Learn more